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quincy jones

9 Modern Masterpieces by A. Quincy Jones

Though he's often lumped in as one of Joseph's Eichler's gang—and we certainly love what Eichler did for the modern tract home—architect A. Quincy Jones is a midcentury lion in his own right. And thanks to the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles's exhibit A. Quincy Jones: Building for Better Living the man is finally getting the Neutra-level esteem that he deserves. Jones is credited with over 5,000 built projects, many of them the kind of indoor-outdoor-homes for the middle class that have come to define not just California modernism, but post-war American housing in general. The exhibit is part of the Getty-sponsored initiative Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in LA and will dazzle any fan of mid-century design. The show is up through September 8th. Here's a preview.
June 28, 2013
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Promo Daily: Aaron Fallon

Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Aaron Fallon
June 27, 2013
tropical cabo san lucas

6 White Hot Homes in Tropical Paradise

Nothing keeps out the tropical sun like a cool white exterior. Six homes in vacation destinations around the world incorporate white walls into fresh contemporary design.
June 26, 2013
Ye Rin Mok, photographer, portrait

Photographer Q&A: Ye Rin Mok

LA-based photographer Ye Rin Mok has always impressed us with her quiet and beautiful images. From Venice CA to Phoenix AZ, Ye Rin tells us what it was like behind the lens photographing these beautiful homes.
June 26, 2013
Handblown glass vase by Kent Ipsen from 1972 at Wright auction house

Vases by American Crafstman Kent Ipsen

A series of vases by American craftsman Kent Ipsen (1933-2012), a substantial contributor to the 1960s studio glass movement, go up for auction in July 2013.
June 26, 2013
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Promo Daily: Andrea Chu

In this installment of Photographer's Promotional Pieces We Love and Why: Andrea Chu
June 26, 2013
steel facade home in Seattle

5 Modern Metal Clad Homes

Whether polished to a high-shine or left untreated to patina, metal facades are a modern must.
June 25, 2013
galbraith and paul portrait

American Made Design: Galbraith & Paul

A trio of design studios forms a distinctly American picture of modern design: Despite their regional differences, all three produce forward-thinking products and furniture made using time-tested craft and fabrication methods. Here, we take a look at Galbraith & Paul from the Northeast. Head over to the Southeast to check out Charleston, South Carolina-based Moran Woodworked Furniture.
June 25, 2013
carl cane horst wittmann

Limited Edition Canes by German Designer Horst Wittmann

Horst Wittmann, one half of the German designer wonder hansandfranz, has recently given the large visions of democratic design a hiatus and turned his philosophical vision to bespoke art pieces in a solo venture named after his middle name, Carl. The first design "from A to B", features a limited edition of 19 canes, originally commissioned for the group show "7kilo aluminum" at gallery Filser & Gräf in Munich, Germany. “Being asked to exhibit art has given me an opportunity to explore design from a more daring perspective. Creating thought-provoking pieces in this niche way means I can think more about the emotional value of each piece,” says Wittmann. The cane, for example, a centuries-old emblem of masculine power, monarchy and erotic assertion, which has come to signify the weak and the old. In the hands of Wittmann both these motifs are transformed into a contemporary object with new meaning. “My proposal with the cane is to recast an archetypal symbol as a symbol of our time in the context of accessory, fashion and product design, to exalt it as a freshly conceived life-style object”. The result is a compelling collection of artesanally crafted anodized aluminum canes in a color scheme that references the iPod.
June 25, 2013