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Vapur Water Bottle Design

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VAPUR® a foldable, flexible, reusable eco-friendly water bottle is teaming up with Dwell magazine and Opportunity Green to sponsor the Vapur “Thirst For Design” Competition. The contest, run by competition organizer jovoto, gives artists the chance to design a new graphic for Vapur’s new “Artist Series” water bottles. Visit the competition website here for a complete list of rules, design specifications, and downloadable logos, templates and other materials. As many as five design ideas per person can be submitted through the same website, and may be accompanied by sketches, other images, audio or video files.

Designers will be competing for cash prizes and the winning designs will be featured on select the designs to be featured on Vapur’s new “Artist Series” bottles. Entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges including Lara Deam of Dwell Media, Karen Solomon of Opportunity Green, Laurenz Schaffer of BMW Design, Jonathan Greenblatt of Ethos Water and GOOD magazine, Matthew Lloyd of Method Home and HDTV Design Star Antonio Ballatore. Winners will be announced at the Opportunity Green Business Conference at Los Angeles Center Studios on September 22-24, 2010; the deadline for submissions is August 23rd, 2010.

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