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Tim Hetherington at Aperture

Tim Herington
Aperture Foundation
547 West 27th Street
New York,

In remembrance of Tim Hetherington, photographer, reporter, and filmmaker, Aperture is presenting his Sleeping Soldiers video installation and his Diary video, from Wednesday, May 25 through Thursday, June 23.

Sleeping Soldiers (5 minutes, 2009) is an immersive video essay, shot at the same time as the filmRestrepo, featuring soldiers of a U.S. Airborne Infantry platoon based in the Korengal Valley of Eastern Afghanistan, in combat, and asleep. The original three-screen installation was first shown in New York in 2009 at the New York Photo Festival, in an exhibition curated by Jon Levy.
Diary (19 minutes, 2010) is a highly personal and experimental film that expresses the subjective experience of Hetherington’s working life, and was made as an attempt to find himself after ten years of reporting. It’s a kaleidoscope of images that link our Western reality to the seemingly distant worlds we see in the media.

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