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Take Note

Take Note Canadian Center for Architecture Exhibition thumbnail
Canadian Centre for Architecture
1920, rue Baile
Montreal, H3H 2S6

Take Note presents selected pivotal moments in the ongoing relationship between writing and architecture.

“In the 1960s, a small oppositional element in architecture forged its own counterculture by turning its energies away from building toward writing. In its hands, the page became a site for design and texts became architectural works in their own right. Born of a desire to foreground the intellectual dimension of architecture by associating it with developments in conceptual art, linguistics, and philosophy, this turn toward writing soon engaged architecture with broader questions of pop culture, mass media, advertising, and emerging technologies, setting in motion a fundamental transformation of the discipline whose momentum remains unabated to this day. Take Note offers an album of snapshots of key episodes in that transformation.”– Sylvia Lavin

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