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Reinventing the American House: Domestic Architecture, Interiors, and Furniture of Benjamin Henry Latrobe

M.H. de Young Museum
50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive
San Francisco,

 Dr. Patrick Snadon, Associate Professor of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio will be giving a lecture on Benjamin Henry Latrobe (1764 - 1820), the first professional architect of international stature in America.  Latrobe trained and practiced in England, traveled extensively in Europe, then immigrated to the United States where he captured the attention of President Thomas Jefferson, who commissioned him to complete the unfinished White House and the United States Capital.  Latrobe also designed many other major buildings and engineering projects in the U.S. and combined his Enlightenment education, English practice, and European experiences with a keen observation of American manners and climate to create an entirely new house type for the new republic.  In his "rational house", Latrobe introduced radically new spatial distributions, interior decor, and furniture designs.

Dr. Snadon simultaneously earned a bachelor of science degree in interior design and a bachelor of arts degree in art history from the University of Missouri. After obtaining a Master's degree in interior design from the University of Kentucky, he completed a doctorate in architecture from Cornell. Dr. Snadon has numerous publications to his credit, including The Domestic Architecture of Benjamin Henry Latrobe with Michael Fazio and he is the architectural historian and historic restoration consultant for two Latrobe Houses;  Decatur House (1817) in Washington D.C. and Pope Villa in Lexington, Kentucky (1811 - 1813).

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