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From Pyramids to Spacecraft

Great Lakes Science Center
601 Erieside Avenue
Cleveland, 44114

Italian architect Arturo Vittori and Swiss architect Andreas Vogler, founders of the design studio “Architecture and Vision,” will hold a lecture on their innovative theories regarding space, and also present an exhibition that the Italian Cultural Institute hosted in 2009. This exhibit showcases important projects created and selected by Vittori and Vogler’s design studio that explore new ways to study and optimize space and natural resources such as water, energy and air. The exhibition features two models related to this theme: MoonbaseTwo (2007) an inflatable space station for conducting experiments on the moon; and MarsCruiserOne (2007) a pressurized mobile lab vehicle for exploring Mars. Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler will open the exhibition Friday, October 15, 2010, 7pm.

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