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Present Tense: The 2011 D-Crit Conference at SVA

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School of Visual Arts
209 East 23 Street
New York, 10010-3994

The School of Visual Arts (SVA) is soon to host "Present Tense: The 2011 D-Crit Conference," which is conceived and organized by graduating students of the MFA Design Criticism program (D-Crit) at SVA. Moderated by documentary film producer Adam Harrison Levy and with a keynote lecture by New York Times contributor Rob Walker, the second annual event will feature thesis presentations by all 11 graduating D-Crit students. The conference concludes with a panel discussion with MoMA’s Paola Antonelli, Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, Van Alen Institute’s Olympia Kazi, The New Yorker’s John Seabrook and Fast Company’s Linda Tischler. The day-long forum will be held at the SVA Theatre, 333 West 23rd Street, on Wednesday, May 4th and begins at 1:00 pm with the panel discussion taking place at 6pm.

The participating students and projects are:

Kim Birks, “Recreate: New Grounds for New York’s Playgrounds”
Sarah Cox, “The Detroiter: Resident Design Initiatives in a City Reshaping”
Molly Heintz, “Myth to Megaphone: Behind the Creation of the Designer’s Public Identity”
Stephanie Jönsson, “Designing Sound: Aural Agency in the Twenty-First Century”
Aileen Kwun, “Mirror Image Maker: Looking at Music Videos of the Internet Age”
Saundra Marcel, “Living Licensed: Consuming Characters in Girls’ Popular Culture”
Avinash Rajagopal, “Tinkering with Design: Preparing for the Convergence of Design and Hacking”
Vera Sacchetti, “Design Crusades: A Critical Reflection on Social Design”
Zach Sachs, “Permanence as a Criterion”
Michele Washington, “Untangling the Naps: The Cultural Significance of the Afro and How it is Imagined Today”
Amelie Znidaric, “Listen to Your Chair: Design and the Art of Storytelling”

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