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Paul Rudolph’s Vision at Colgate’s Picker Art Gallery

A photograph by Chris Mottalini of the destroyed Micheels House designed by Paul Rudolph.
The Picker Art Gallery at Colgate Univeristy

The Picker Art Gallery at Colgate University will host a reception on Tuesday, September 13 from 5-7 p.m. to celebrate the new exhibition, An Architect’s Vision: Paul Rudolph and Colgate’s Creative Arts Center and the concurrent exhibition, After You Left, photographs by Chris Mottalini.

The story of the design of the Dana Arts Center is contained in Rudolph’s drawings, minutes of meetings, news reports, and correspondence, much of which is held in Colgate’s archives. Drawing on these resources, Professor Robert McVaugh has pieced together the process that led from the selection of an architect in 1963 and the grand vision that Rudolph proposed, to the Dana Arts Center as it exists today.

Mottalini’s project After You Left, They Took It Apart (Demolished Paul Rudolph Homes) includes the 24 prints also exhibited at the Picker Art Gallery. The images of Paul Rudolph homes, taken only days prior to being demolished, capture a state of Modernist architecture witnessed by few people. Mottalini’s photographs are the final portraits of these destroyed homes.

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