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Operation Restore Defenestration


Whether it be positive or negative, people always have an opinion on the building that has furniture scurrying across its' walls on 6th and Howard.  Some people hate the blighted Hugo Hotel while others love the playful and uplifting Defenestration art installation.  Regardless of the nature of the opinions, Defenestration building has become a San Francisco landmark.  Locals and visitors from all over the world stare at it with amazement, taking in all the wonders it has to offer. We are calling upon the community to come together once again, as they did back in 1997, to help restore the Defenestration building.

1:AM gallery and Brian Goggin are proud to present Operation Restore Defenestration, a month long celebration of Defenestration building’s 13th anniversary as well as the next era of the project’s existence. Operation Restore Defenestration is an event raising funds to repair and improve the artwork, making the building once again beautiful by day and vibrant by night.  The exhibition includes original and new furniture sculptures for sale with proceeds going towards the project.

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