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Odegard Flagship at the San Francisco Design Center

Odegard San Francisco
2 Henry Adams Street Suite 330
San Francisco, 94103

Odegard is hosting an opening party on May 14th, 2009, which will showcase carpets from the recently launched Mughal Collection, inspired by the unsurpassed design legacy of 17th-century India.  Stephanie Odegard’s homage to the time-honored craft traditions of India’s classical past will also highlight select items from her opulent furniture and accessories collection some of which was created in partnership with designer Paul Mathieu in 2003. Recently introduced, they are finely embellished architectural decorative surfaces from India. This, along with hand-crafted furnishings which feature marble surfaces inlaid with semi-precious stones, rosewood inlaid with mother of pearl, hand-hammered copper, silver and brass objects and surfaces, are all transformed into jewelry for the home.

The showroom will also feature the Faces of Freedom exhibition, presented by RugMark, through Saturday, June 13.



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