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The New Ethos for Design: Sustainism

New York Public Library
5th Avenue at 42nd Street
New York, 10018

Design critic Alice Rawsthorn recently wrote: "Here’s the skinny. Modernism is dead, and design needs a new “ism” to define it. Whatever that “ism” turns out to be, it needs to be all of the following: ethically and environmentally responsible; socially and geographically inclusive; collaborative; networked; sensitive to nature; and savvy enough to make the most of: a) leaps in technology, and b) both globalism and localism."

Enter a new publication by Michiel Schwarz and Joost Elffers titled "Sustainism is the New Modernism." The authors will be on hand at the New York Public Library on Wednesday, January 12th to discuss the book. Their "sustainist manifesto" aims to give voice to a worldwide movement already defining our future, disseminates the zeitgeist of our culture, examines our relationship to cities, homes, technology and progress, and names the next age of design. 

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