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Michael Zelehoski: Objecthood

Michael Zelehoski tower
Christina Ray
30 Grand Street
New York, 10013

Christina Ray is hosting the first New York solo exhibition of sculptor Michael Zelehoski.

In "Objecthood," Zelehoski takes three-dimensional found objects and plays with perspective to render them on a flat picture plane. He starts by deconstructing the object, sometimes "cutting" it into hundreds of abstract fragments and then reassembles the pieces into two-dimensional sculptures. Zelehoski's work draws on Modernist explorations of spatial perception and representation, minimalism, and also psychgeography--the idea that experiences are shaped through interactions with the physical world. Through these works, Zelehoski hopes to "transcends boundaries between what we think of as fine art and the wider physical world."

The exhibition runs through October 10th, with an opening reception on September 9th.

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