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Landscapes of Quarantine

landscapes of quarantine
Storefront for Art and Architecture
97 Kenmare Street
New York, 10012

An exhibition exploring the spaces of quarantine:

From Chernobyl's Zone of Exclusion to the artificial quarantine islands of the New York archipelago, and from camps set up to house HIV+ Haitian refugees at Guantánamo Bay to the modified Airstream trailer within which returning Apollo astronauts once waved at President Nixon, the landscapes of quarantine are as varied as they are unexpected.

Landscapes of Quarantine features new works by a multi-disciplinary group of eighteen artists, designers, and architects, each of whom was inspired by one or more of the physical, biological, ethical, architectural, social, political, temporal, and even astronomical dimensions of quarantine.

Joe Alterio / Front Studio - Yen Ha, Michi Yanagishita & Joshua Cummings / David Garcia Studio / Scott Geiger / Joseph Grima / Katie Holten / Jeffrey Inaba & C-LAB / Mimi Lien / Kevin Slavin / Brian Slocum / Smudge Studio - Jamie Kruse & Elizabeth Ellsworth / Amanda Spielman & Jordan Spielman / Richard Mosse / Daniel Perlin / Thomas Pollman

The opening reception will showcase a one-night-only, inflatable quarantine prosthesis attached to Storefront's façade, designed by architects Jeffrey Inaba and Joseph Grima, as well as a range of beers generously donated by Brooklyn Brewery.

During the exhibition, a series of quarantine-inspired dinners will be hosted at the gallery. As envisioned by Michael Cirino of A razor, a shiny knife, the events will feature quarantine-aged meats, layered encapsulated flavors and other themed edibles. Ticketing details will be announced soon.

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