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Invisible–The Origin of Product Identity

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University of Jyväskylä

The 2010 Alvar Aalto Design Seminar focuses on the design process—something that does not show in the final product. Some questions that will be explored include: what goes into the design of an industrial product, how do we design durable high-quality products, and what is the role of art in mass production?

The seminar speakers include industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa from Japan, industrial designer Ross Lovegrove from the UK, designer Inga Sempé from France, professor and design consultant Hans Maier-Aichen from Germany, designer Monica Förster from Sweden, interior designer Simo Heikkilä from Finland and designer Clemens Weisshaar from Germany.

Invisible Exhibition will be opened at Design Museum just before the seminar. The exhibition will feature design classics created by the seminar speakers. The curator of the exhibition is Timo Salli.

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