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IDEC 2012 Annual Conference

idec 2012 conference baltimore
Hyatt Regency Baltimore
300 Light Street

Interior designers: mark you calendars for the IDEC 2012 Annual Conference. Themed "Celebrating our Past, Shaping our Future," it commemorates the Interior Design Educators Council's 50th year as the leading organization for interior design educators. The conference will include a series of events and keynotes that reflect on past accomplishments and look to the future.

Along with the celebration of the past, conference attendees will get a glimpse into the future with three special events:

Jo Heinz, interior designer and managing principle of Staffelbach in Dallas will deliver the Monday evening keynote and will share her vision of the future of the interior design profession.


Rosalyn Cama, president and principal interior designer of CAMA, Inc. in New Haven, Connecticut, and author of Evidence-Based Healthcare Design will also share insight into the future of interior design during the Tuesday morning keynote.

The Fellows Forum will focus on advocacy of the profession and how we can share the value of interior design with our university, our community, and the public at large. Panelists will discuss ways interior design has been embraced outside traditional venues, or ways good design has been brought to those who might not have access to it, as well as creative ways to advocate for the profession. All conference participants will have the chance to share their own ideas following the panel presentation. The ideas will be documented to show how interior design continues to evolve and how we continue to look to the future.

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