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Final Days of Valse Automatique

valse automatique
MADE Berlin
Alexanderstrasse 7
Berlin, 10178

Violinist and composer Michalj Kekenj and designer Hermann August Weizenegger met at MADE to create an art piece from music, design, crafts and digital culture which exemplifies a visionary production-scenario, ranging from commodities over design-objects to artwork. A Kuka robot, known from industrial manufacturing and fabrication, becomes the third actor in this chorographical performance, accompanied by the designer and the violinist.

Like dancing to the harmony and emotion of the played violin, the robot leaves its pre-programmed precision movements and becomes a sculptor. The performed music is simultaneously processed and interpreted by a computer program into digital data and translated into virtual, three-dimensional geometries. Those data drive the robot’s movements for the production or in this case the sculpting of spacial objects or poetic artifacts, capturing the character of the music, as part of this canon of human emotion and digital production.

The exhibition runs until January 17th.

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