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Bioneers Conference

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Marin Center
10 Avenue of the Flags
San Rafael, 94903

Founder Kenny Ausubel coined the word bioneers in 1990 to describe an emerging culture of social and scientific innovators who are mimicking nature¹s operating instructions to serve human ends while enriching the web of life.

The 2009 programs include:

Living Buildings: The Future of Architecture
Saturday October 17, 9am-1pm 

Speakers: Jason McLennan and Introduction by Bryony Schwan, executive director, Biomimicry Institute. This leading figure in the global green architecture movement challenges us to imagine and demand buildings that operate as elegantly and efficiently as the living structures nature creates. As CEO of Cascadia Green Building Council, author of the Living Building Challenge and co-creator of Pharos (the most advanced building material rating system in North America), he shows breathtaking examples from the worldwide Challenge underway to design buildings that meet or exceed nature’s ecosystem services.

Geodesic / Synergetic / Dymaxion Trimtabs: The Buckminster Fuller Challenge!
Friday October 16, 4:30pm – 6pm

Speakers: BFI Executive Director Elizabeth Thompson; John Todd, the prize’s first winner, visionary biomimic and ecological design elder; Greg Watson, senior advisor for clean energy technology for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs and Bioneers board member; and a representative from the 2009 Challenge Winneran MIT Media Lab student team working on visionary urban transportation and mobility. The Buckminster Fuller Challenge, launched in 2007, is an annual global design competition whose $100,000 prize supports the development and implementation of a bold, visionary, tangible initiative that has significant potential to help solve humanity’s most pressing problems. Learn about the prize’s Bucky-inspired design criteria, goals and impacts.
The Living Building Challenge: Can You Match Nature’s Design Elegance?
Saturday October 17, 2:45pm – 4:15pm

Speaker: Jason McLennan portrays breakthrough examples of green building best practices in response to the Challenge. He illustrates how the Living Building Challenge rating system works as well as how leading-edge projects are rising to the standard. He probes the financial and code barriers to achieving new levels of high performance, and illuminates what we must do to overcome such impediments.


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