Thomas Hayes Gallery Opening

The opening exhibition of Thomas Hayes Gallery in Hollywood embodies the showroom’s renewed focus on art, with works by artists representing an array of generations, backgrounds, mediums and styles, accompanying the modern Brazilian, European and American furniture Hayes is already known for. The current show, which runs through May 10, includes sketches by Oscar Niemeyer (with a minimalist drawing of his iconic Congresso Nacional building in Brasilia) hung with a piece by color field painter Donald Kaufman and several paintings by 1960s designer Arthur Ellsworth. Photographs and geometric paintings by the late California artist John Barbour accompany a 1965 minimalist work by June Harwood, with the central areas of the gallery hung with abstract paintings by Los Angeles artist Jason Fitzmaurice and hard-edge paintings by Arizona-based Grant Wiggins. Furniture by Sergio Rodrigues, Joaquim Tenreiro, Jose Zanine Caldas, Lina Bo Bardi, Zanini de Zanine Caldas and Jorge Zalszupin round out the exhibition, and give a decorative context to the artwork.

Check out the slideshow to see images of the furniture and artwork glimpsed at the show.

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