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Speed Limits at the Wolfsonian

It's easy to forget, considering how much technology we interact with today, that the roots of modernism have everything to do with making sense of the machine. The industrial machine offered modes of production, quickness of industry, and a brand new aesthetic, and the degree to which modernism is about sorting this out can be easy to overlook. Thankfully, the Wolfsonian-Florida International University Museum on Miami Beach continues to explore the speed, steel, and strength of our early modernist moment through the propaganda and ephemera of the era. Their new exhibit, Speed Limits, gets at the increasing pace of life in the early part of the 20th century, and reminds us how artists and designers reconciled themselves to the larges technological shift the world had seen. Have a look at the slideshow here, or better yet, get down to the Wolfsonian in person. Speed LImits runs through February 20th, 2011.

This lithograph, called People Work-Evening from 1937 by the American Benton Spruance shows the teeming urban hordes toing and froing both above ground and below.

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