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Fashion's Night Out: Dinosaur Designs

In their light-filled studio in Sydney Australia’s Strawberry Hills, Louise Olsen and Steve Ormandy fashion resin destined for landfill into jewelry and home wares of rare beauty. Their studio’s name, Dinosaur Designs, is a play on the longevity of their pieces—they last forever.

Known for hosting entertaining gatherings in their beachside home overflowing with exotic flowers, Ormandy and Olsen—an off-work couple as well—make gorgeous vases.“We love the relationship between the humanness of the forms we create and the very modern material that we use—resin,” says Ormandy (who also created the abstract painting in the background). “We see ourselves as artisans and embody the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi where there's perfection in the imperfections. When you think of plastics you think of the mass produced, but what we do isn't like that. Each piece is handmade and designed with the intention of being cherished for a lifetime."

Boasting striking colors and softly familiar shapes, the handmade Dinosaur objects not only invite you to hold them but also seem to contain the idiosyncratic way of looking at the world that the designers share (Ormandy is an abstract painter, Olsen is the daughter of two of Australia’s most celebrated artists; they met at art school) giving them the quality of functional art pieces, as well as a talismanic emotional octave that borders on the magical. Motifs like playfulness, delight, and surprise underline the pop-art aesthetic, while inspirations such as mushrooms, exotic birds, and imponderable natural forces like the sun and moon, make each collection a journey of discovery not unlike that of uncovering a sculpture or a canvas—or a children’s book adventure. You could say that decorating your body and your home in Dinosaur Designs gives you a kinship with Alice in Wonderland, which is why these pieces are so adored by their owners.

In step with their latest collection, Sorbet, Dinosaur Designs will be serving Sorbet and Champagne in their Nolita boutique at 211 Elizabeth Street (at Prince) tonight for New York City’s Fashion's Night Out.

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