Edgeless School: Design for Learning

Edgeless School: Design for Learning is an exhibition currently on view at the Center for Architecture. An exploration of how new approaches to learning are being interpreted and facilitated by architects across the United States, Edgeless School showcases nineteen K-12 schools.

Today’s students experience their formidable educational years at what may be a pivotal time in history. A rapidly advancing digital world, combined with a changing and challenging economical landscape, have translated into new ideas about learning and teaching. “Everyone, both within the educational community and the public at large, seems to feel we’re at a watershed moment in terms of education,” exhibition curator Thomas Mellin explains. “While this is the Center for Architecture, anyone who has a child in New York City and many who don’t are obsessed with education and schools.”

Edgeless School: Design for Learning is on view at the Center for Architecture in New York City through January 19, 2013. Several programs are running concurrently with the exhibition.

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