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Dwell Light & Energy Issue Launch

On Wednesday April 25, 2012, Dwell Media celebrated its Light & Energy issue with a spectacular lighting exhibition and party held at Industria Superstudio. Dwell’s April issue looks at the latest innovations in energy conservation and lighting technology and singles out those leading the way. The designers featured in the exhibition included: David Weeks, Jason Miller, Bec Brittain, Lindsey Adelman, Rich Brilliant Willing, David Nosanchuk, Dror Benshetrit, Workstead, Chris Hardy for FontanaArte, Vica Design, FLOS, Artemide, Kartell, and Luceplan. The event was sponsored by Pharox, a San Francisco-based company creating cutting-edge LED lighting technology.

New York-based designer David Nosanchuk has created a new edition to his N1R series of custom table, floor, wall, and ceiling lamps. The lamps can be fabricated in an unlimited range of sizes (from ten inches to ten feet tall) for indoor and outdoor use in an a variety of materials including acrylic, metal, paper, and glass; illuminated by LED sources. Digitally fabricated, the linear expression of the lamps connects generative two-dimensional designs to the built product, defining a spatially complex form which is both scalable and scale less. David is currently rehabilitating a Gwathmey house in the Hamptons and has a new line of rugs out with Stark.

The majority of lights were fitted with the Pharox LED light bulb, which filled the room with a beautiful ambient glow reminiscent of incandescent lighting. The Pharox also lasts up to 25 years, fits a standard socket, and uses 75% less energy than standard bulbs. Warner Philips, founder and CEO of Pharox, and serial cleantech entrepreneur shared some of the technological benefits of LEDs. Philips, a great-grandson of Anton Philips, founder of Philips Lighting, added "We are honored and proud to see Pharox featured in so many of these amazing fixtures from leading lighting designers. We promise consumers a bulb in the shape they trust with beautifully efficient light. The Dwell event beautifully illuminates our commitment to great design."

The exhibition space was designed by Tom Borgese and featured bright yellow backdrops to 14 designs. DJ Brendan Fallis spun into the night, while guests enjoyed Voli Lyte Vodka, Sneaky Pete's and Peroni beer, and snacked on gourmet grilled cheese.  

Designers in attendance included: David Weeks, Jason Miller, Bec Brittain, Alexander Williams, Theo Richardson and Charles Brill from Rich Brilliant Willing, David Nosanchuk, Robert Andrew Highsmith and Stefanie Brechbuehler of Workstead and Chris Hardy. Brittain presented her new SHY floor lamp and Nosanchuk his new NIR Table lamp and Dror his 3D-printed QuaDror light currently on exhibit at Material ConneXion.

“Designers that incorporate energy efficiency into their creations help to elevate the landscape,” said Editor-in-Chief Amanda Dameron. “They have the power to inspire and educate the public subtly through the beauty of their designs.” 

Other guests included: Dwell Founder & Owner Lara Deam, Dwell Editor-in-Chief Amanda Dameron, and Publisher Brenda Saget Darling. Architects: Michael Arad, Marc Kushner, Jonathan Marvel, Charles Renfro.

About Pharox

Pharox brings you the warm, beautiful light you’ve always loved, with unparalleled energy savings and a modern design sensibility backed by 6 generations of European tradition. Pharox has been at the forefront of the rapidly developing global LED lighting industry since 2006, selling over 5 million Pharox branded LED bulbs worldwide. In 2009, the company won the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer Award and the World Bank’s Lighting Africa Award for its solar powered LED design. 

Pharox LEDs use 75% less energy than traditional bulbs (and last up to 25 years). They’re safe for you and your family and better for the planet.
Pharox: Beautifully Efficient Light. It’s About Time.

For images of the exhibition, view our slideshow.

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