There are moments now and then that the architecture of our imaginations becomes the architecture of an actual place. Amusement parks can bring Hogwarts castle and the lands of Pirates of the Caribbean to life, the World's Fairs and international expositions (like the current Expo 2010 Shanghai China) are where countries call on their designers to create buildings that ooze the essence of their nation, and, on the more permanent basis, places like Las Vegas and Dubai pop up as small worlds of their own to which to escape to for a time- (and place-) warped experience.

Dreamlands, an exhibit currently at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France, celebrates these strange, other-worldly places. The show features more than 300 works of art--paintings, sculptures, architectural models, films, and more--that highlight these environments and the ways in which they have influenced how we think about cities. The exhibit closes next Monday, August 9. If you can't make it--or even if you're lucky enough that you can--we present this slideshow of images from the exhibition.

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