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Don Hisaka's Cleveland Years

Berkeley, California-based architect Don Hisaka is getting the royal treatment in Cleveland these days with an exhibit of his Ohioan work of the 60s, 70s, and 80s in the show Don Hisaka: The Cleveland Years on at the Cleveland Artists Foundation. Though Hisaka has moved on to work in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and finally Berkeley, many of his most loved projects are in Ohio, where his work ranged from residences to educational structures to commercial spaces. If you get the chance, do stop in to see the exhibition wich runs through May 21st. Or if you can't make it, check out this slideshow. All photos are courtesy of Thom Abel, Don Hisaka, and the Cleveland Artists Foundation.

The Gund Summer Residence in Peninsula, OH, was built in 1965. It was done for Cleveland-born art collector Agnes Gund and her family. Her sole restriction on Hisaka: do not destroy a single tree. Photo courtesy of Thom Abel.

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