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Brooklyn Museum's reOrder

When invited to submit a proposal for Brooklyn Museum’s newly renovated Great Hall, part of a larger redesign of the New York City–based museum’s main floor, Situ Studio looked to the building’s history for inspiration. “This [exhibit] is very site-specific,” says Aleksey Lukyanov, designer and one-fifth of the Situ Studio team, which is based in Brooklyn, NY, and comprises five friends and graduates from the Cooper Union School of Architecture. “It's specific to the history of the museum and the history of its architecture,” continues Lukyanov.

The hall features 16 columns and four interior walls that form a smaller, though not fully enclosed, center room. “We thought, can we transform these columns, and not only make it a decorative aspect?” Lukyanov recalls. “Can they also become functional? Can they become objects that provide lighting?”

The building, designed by McKim, Mead, and White—the firm who created many of New York's prized turn-of-the-century buildings like the Metropolitain Museum of Art—has undergone numerous transformations. Situ Studio emphasizes yet another transformation that celebrates whimsy and décor as it does function and form. On view for ten months starting Friday March 4, the opening of the exhibit and the Great Hall aligns with Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday, which opens the museum to the public free of charge. In the weeks leading up to the opening, Situ Studio invited to get a sneak peek at the space and its construction.

Have a look at the development of Situ Studio's design in this time-lapse video of the installation:

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