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Proto Homes uniquely delivers the "Prefab Promise."

Proto Homes is an innovative Prefab Company that aims to capture a tremendous void in the middle and upper middle markets; that is the absence of affordable new modern homes for the first-time and second-time homebuyers.

Proto Homes has invented a new hybrid prefab system that shortens the construction time by 70% and reduces the cost by over 60%, without shortchanging the architectural quality. In fact, many practical and proprietary features, which are included in every Proto House, enhance the functionality and sustainability of the house.

The essence of Proto Homes’ products which sets it apart from all the other homebuilders and prefab companies is the patent pending technology, Hyperspace+CoreTM. Hyperspace+CoreTM offers a new approach and methodology for design and construction.

Partners Trust Real Estate & Acquisitions is the global distributor of Proto Homes.

Distinctly modern homes by Turkel Design, available through Lindal Cedar Homes.

Lindal Cedar Homes, in business for over 65 years, has partnered with Turkel Design to create this new series of fresh, exuberant homes that respond to contemporary expectations with stylish and efficient spaces and the intelligent interpretation of volume and light.

Combining warmth and livability with environmentally conscious design, the modern Turkel Design Lindal homes feature clean lines, passive solar gain and shading, natural whole-house ventilation, and the inspired use of sustainable materials.

Lindal Cedar Homes, delivered around the world, provides a lifetime structural warranty with each home and has contributed generously to the America Forests reforestation program on behalf of their clients for nearly 20 years.
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