Taalman/Koch Renovation Recap

For the past six months, Linda Taalman of Taalman Koch Architecture has been blogging for Dwell.com about her hands-on renovation of her family's live-work rental apartment in Los Angeles. The project embodied several challenges: it's a rental, it's in a historic building (a 1952 Craig Ellwood-designed apartment complex in central Hollywood), and their budget is relatively tight ($10,000). The ongoing series covers a lot of ground, from building work stations for their architecture staff, to designing and installing curtains, to landscaping the courtyard. On Saturday June 25 at 4:30 pm on the Sustainability Stage, Taalman will talk about the challenges and rewards of renovation, and impart creative renovation tips drawn from both professional and personal experience. Here, a recap on how her live-work space has progressed over the past few months.

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