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Taalman/Koch Renovation Recap

For the past six months, Linda Taalman of Taalman Koch Architecture has been blogging for about her hands-on renovation of her family's live-work rental apartment in Los Angeles. The project embodied several challenges: it's a rental, it's in a historic building (a 1952 Craig Ellwood-designed apartment complex in central Hollywood), and their budget is relatively tight ($10,000). The ongoing series covers a lot of ground, from building work stations for their architecture staff, to designing and installing curtains, to landscaping the courtyard. On Saturday June 25 at 4:30 pm on the Sustainability Stage, Taalman will talk about the challenges and rewards of renovation, and impart creative renovation tips drawn from both professional and personal experience. Here, a recap on how her live-work space has progressed over the past few months.

Here's the exterior of the Courtyard Apartments today. As Taalman writes in her Week 1 post: "We first visited the Courtyard Apartments several years earlier—our friend Patricia lived in one of the units and we fell in love with its simple efficiency, and its ability to make living in central Hollywood feel like living the ideal indoor-outdoor Southern California lifestyle. Now, seeing the unit available for rent, we saw the building as a model for living in Los Angeles as it should have been: a simple 3,200-square-foot, two-story, four-unit block, each 800-square-foot unit with its own private courtyard."

Click here to read past installments of Taalman's Hollywood Renovation series.


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