Keynote Address from Michael Graves

We could not be more thrilled to welcome Michael Graves, one of America's most eminent architects and designers, to the Dwell on Design stage as for our keynote address. Don't miss his conversation with Editor-in-chief Amanda Dameron at 5:00 on the Sustainable Design Stage, one that will range from his work designing buildings such as the headquarters for the Department of Transportation in Washington DC to the post-modern classic, the Portland Building in Portland, Oregon, to universal design, to his iconic teapots.

We're especially excited to hear from Graves as his collection of domestic goods for jcpenney continues to roll out into stores. We'll be showcasing some of them in a prefab home by Method Homes on the Dwell on Design show floor, and his collaboration with the department store is a subject he and Dameron will discuss in their talk. Another issue of pressing importance is universal design, a subject Graves has made paramount in his design since his own paralysis and reliance on a wheelchair. 

 This talk will be filled with architecture, ideas, and a vision of how to recast design to fit its users, whether that's how to get the disabled into a building or how to fit a structure to its social and historical context. You won't want to miss Michael Graves's keynote address, one of the true highlights of Dwell on Design. 


Dwell on Design commences on Friday, June 20. Click here to purchase tickets and to find out more information.

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