Our Story

FilzFelt was founded by two felt loving designers, Kelly Smith and Traci Roloff. FilzFelt is a combination of the German word for felt (filz) and the English (felt). Since we’re Americans importing German felt, it seemed like the right fit! This female run business prides itself on simplicity in design, beautiful photography, good packaging and jaw-droppingly great customer service.

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Born and raised in Northern Virginia and trained in architecture, Kelly has called Boston home for more than 10 years. After several years of using German industrial wool felt in her line of goods and accessories for her company

etcetera media

, Kelly thought it a good idea to share her love for a material with other people in the country.

Traci grew up in Wisconsin, pursued degrees in environment, textiles, and design and preservation studies before realizing that there’s a whole great big world outside of architecture. Now a Boston resident, she is the clever mind behind the design blog

the girl in the green dress

and is partial to old bicycles, miranda july and polka-dotted clothing.

Callar and Junior belong to Kelly and her husband and are the resident studio dogs at FilzFelt. They sneak their way into much of the product photography and unfortunately are not for sale. Can’t get enough? These vizlas have their own