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Wireless Speaker That Levitates

In a marketplace crowded with wireless speakers, the Om/One has a design edge that makes it stand out.



pieterjan grandry
In The Modern World

Blogger Focus: Design Inspiration

We asked some of our favorite online design writers which sites inspire their blogs and influence their design sense.
silvia song portrait

Designer Spotlight: Silvia Song

From a 200-square-foot garage-turned-workshop, Silvia Song skillfully sculpts wooden wares.
offices 101 steelcase office
Design 101


Now that work can be done anywhere, what qualifies as an office?
full barnacle

Lesley Anton's Ceramic Muses

Citing inspirations ranging from the rocks of Joshua Tree to sand dunes, bamboo and her grandmother’s milk-glass hobnail bottles, Los Angeles-based ceramist Lesley Anton began her craft with…
homecooking waffle maker1
Design 101

A Square Meal

So many recipes leave so much to chance, and that is why I love the waffle iron.
Modern prefab home Sett Studio

On Your Mark, Get Sett

Austin-based modern prefab designer Kimber Reed wants you to space out.
laurinda spear  1

Corporate Wisdom: Laurinda Spear

In our July/August issue, we take a look at 15 women leading the design world, one of whom is Laurinda Spear, cofounder of the Miami firm Arquitectonica.
restaurant design
Design 101

An Introduction to Restaurant Design

Eating has always been a sociable event, from primitive campfire cooking to reclining on lectuli at lavish Greek and Roman banquets.


color alpana bawa textiles

Color 101: Created from Color

There are endless choices to be made in the world of color, as anyone who has tried to paint a room plain white knows.


modernism reimagined

Modernism, Reimagined: Design as a Journey

Dwell and The Lincoln Motor Company team up to bring you an exclusive view of modernism, reimagined through ten different influential designers.And don't forget to check out this block, steel, and…