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The floating 3.5 inch diameter OM/One speaker.
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Wireless Speaker That Levitates

In a marketplace crowded with wireless speakers, the Om/One has a design edge that makes it stand out.




hunter leggitt 510 cabin nagle
Dwell on Design

Featured Panelist: Hunter Leggitt

Join us at Dwell on Design on Sunday, June 24th, where we'll be talking with Hunter Leggitt about design-build and what that means for professionals, architecture students, and clients.

looolo textiles mademoiselle pillow sewing stripes
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Mademoiselle Pillow: Prep

Zippers, buttons, and other add-ons are rendered unnecessary by Looolo’s pillowcase closure system, which uses a tried-and-true technique: overlapping flaps on the back.

blue sky prototype house exterior carport
A Great Idea

8 Modern Carports

Though it's sometimes looked down upon as a dowdy counterpart to its enclosed cousin, the garage, the carport is a functional and—as these examples from Dwell's archives suggest—often elegant touch…

james dyson portrait

James Dyson on the Air Multiplier

You’ve heard the story, usually told by James Dyson in his own dulcet tones: After five years and thousands of prototypes, the furniture designer-turned-engineer invented the first bagless…

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Steelwood Chair: Shear and Coin

The metal-punching facility is down the road from the Magis headquarters in Motta di Livenza, in northeastern Italy.

young guns 2015 sebastian scherer berlin sebastian scherer

Sebastian Scherer

Berlin-based designer Sebastian Scherer understands intuitively the intersection of form and function.

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Design 101

Buyer Beware

Bad design can be not just unattractive but unhealthy. Steer clear of this trio of second-rate offerings.

Photo by <a href="">Ty Cole</a>.
Design 101

6 Famous Brutalist Buildings

Named after its raw aesthetic, Brutalism in modern architecture features elements of strict linear design and repetitive geometric shapes.



The Future of Driving

San Francisco–based industrial designers Mike Simonian and Maaike Evers sit down with Dwell's Editor-in-Chief, Sam Grawe, to talk about their thoug