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The floating 3.5 inch diameter OM/One speaker.
Product Reviews

Wireless Speaker That Levitates

In a marketplace crowded with wireless speakers, the Om/One has a design edge that makes it stand out.




viva vancouver urban reef r
A Great Idea

Cool Public Benches in Vancouver

The Urban Reef, a sculptural series of benches and pavilions, will be open to the public throughout the summer.

upshift house courtyard stairs
Design 101

8 Spiral Staircases

Somewhere between the Villa Savoye and shag-carpeted condos in Mammoth, the spiral staircase lost its way.

700 ladies and gentleman aura lights outside
Dwell on Design

A Chat with Remodelista: Market Highlights for 2012

DIY workshops aplenty and modern, hand-crafted goods such as lighting, hardware, and garden accessories are planned for Remodelista's third year at Dwell on Design.

kitchen design sustainable
Design 101

101 Kitchen Design

No matter how cozy your living room or den, the kitchen is usually the heart of a home.

rebuilding together poster

Rebuilt This CIty!

The tiny staff at the San Francisco affiliate of Rebuilding Together coordinates and works on the rehabilitation of more than 20 homes and roughly the same number of nonprofit facilities on one…

la mag barris
Dwell on Design

L.A. Magazine Sunday

On Sunday, June 26th, we're partnering with our pals at Los Angeles Magazine to get the inside scoop on the latest in L.A.'s design and culinary culture.

living mural
Dwell on Design

Living Mural at Dwell on Design, Wall Art in Dwell

Dwell celebrates the rich tradition of murals and street art in Los Angeles with Living Mural at Dwell on Design, created by a collective of local artists over the course of the weekend.

concept privacy four eyes house exterior
In The Modern World

Design Tips for Privacy

As the lines between our public and personal lives become increasingly blurry, designers are helping redefine privacy for the 21st century.



Dwell on Design 2011

Join us behind the scenes of Dwell on Design where 21,000 attendees gathered at the Los Angeles Convention center to discover the latest innovation