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The floating 3.5 inch diameter OM/One speaker.
Product Reviews

Wireless Speaker That Levitates

In a marketplace crowded with wireless speakers, the Om/One has a design edge that makes it stand out.




bedroom with white duvet, blue rug, and vintage nightstand
A Great Idea

7 Nightstands and Bedside Tables

Be it a perch for an alarm clock, reading lamp, or glass of water, the nightstand is a furniture staple in the bedroom. Here we show seven options.

gunny harboe portrait

Harboe's Marks

Chicago preservation architect Thomas “Gunny” Harboe prefers not to dismantle architectural monuments.

kiel mead portrait

Belt Buckles by Kiel Mead

Senior Editor Aaron Britt talked to Kiel Mead the other day, after an initial cruise through his site yielded the Birdie Light, which he promptly posted.

art collecting yutaka sone perfect island ski lift 1999
Design 101

Collecting Case Studies: James Cahn

James Cahn is a 25-year-old Chicago-based emerging collector and financial consultant. He collects with his partner Jeremiah Collatz, art advisor at Dirk Denison Architects.

A modern lakeside boathouse in Ontario
A Great Idea

7 Stunning Waterfront Structures

The best architecture takes full advantage of a setting without upstaging it. Here are seven buildings that make the most of their waterfront perch.

upgraded midcentury austin home exterior
A Great Idea

7 Instantly Appealing Awnings

Sometimes a little sliver of shade at midday is all the vacation you need.

korhammer kitchen opened up
Design 101

Open Sesame

Architect Justin Korhammer kept the hallway of this Manhattan bachelor pad free and clear with a kitchen that folds away with the precision of a Swiss Army Knife.

toto visionary bill strang
Dwell on Design

Getting Water Wise with TOTO Visionary Bill Strang

Dwell on Design attendees and Dwell readers may be savvier than the average consumer about water consumption.



The Full Spectrum: Herman Miller

In the final installment of our video series on color theory, senior editor Aaron Britt heads to Zeeland, Michigan, to tour Herman Miller's headqua