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The floating 3.5 inch diameter OM/One speaker.
Product Reviews

Wireless Speaker That Levitates

In a marketplace crowded with wireless speakers, the Om/One has a design edge that makes it stand out.




Toaster Mica

The Toaster Project

One of the most exciting books to come across my desk in the last while is designer Thomas Thwaites' incredible The Toaster Project: Or a Heroic Attempt to Build a Simple Electric Appliance from…

Manhattan hotel room with vivid color treatment.
In The Modern World

Every Room is a Different Hue in This Bright Manhattan Hotel

A Manhattan hotel uses color to create an immersive experience that brings together art, architecture, and interior design.

DOD Furniture
Dwell on Design

Dwell on Design 2012: Furniture and Accessories

This year's Dwell on Design had some tricks up its sleeve in the form of several oversized booths touting interactive demonstrations from young designers.

konstantin grcic portrait

Dwell Archive: Profiles

From iconic design icons to innovative and upcoming makers, you'd be remiss to miss all of the great profiles that we've featured from issues past. Click here to explore!

twa terminal jfk airport new york exterior
Design 101

An Introduction to Airport Design

As anyone who has been to Peru, 
or Bali, or Timbuktu can tell you, travel is not merely the experience of going

7r twenty five lusk rec
Finishing Touch

7 Modern Designs Featuring Exposed Beams

Whether sleek and finished or rustic and aged there is something so romantic about exposed beams.

freedom of creation trabecula bench detail
How To

The Trabecula Bench: Drawing

Kyttänen’s designs travel straight from his imagination to the computer.

the exterior of the red Foote Farmhouse

McLeod Kredell: Locavore Architects in Vermont

Taking a down-to-earth, locavore approach to architecture, the firm McLeod Kredell brings modernism to the traditional region of New England.



Indoor Outdoor Living: Blurring the Boundaries

Our latest video with Western Window Systems explores a hillside Los Angeles home that bridges the boundaries between Indoor and Outdoor Living wit