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Convertible Home Bar Transforms Tiny Apartment

Architect Michael Chen of New York firm Normal Projects masterminds the ultimate bar for a compact Chelsea apartment.



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No Early Birds

Per Söderberg and Peter Simonsson are no spring chickens, though they are certainly No Early Birds.
upshift house courtyard stairs
Design 101

8 Spiral Staircases

Somewhere between the Villa Savoye and shag-carpeted condos in Mammoth, the spiral staircase lost its way.
6R Wright Guggenheim
Dwell on Design

2011 Restaurant Design Awards

For the sixth year, AIA Los Angeles's Restaurant Design Awards will be announced at Dwell on Design.
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Design 101

6 Ways to Design with Marc Newson

Can’t afford to drop $2 million on a Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge? Relax, for to follow is a study of rooms from the pages of Dwell that incorporate a range of designs by the modern industrial master.

Design Icon: Eva Zeisel

Hungarian designer Eva Zeisel is best known for her sculptural organic ceramic pieces.
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Dwell on Design

From the Show Floor: FLOR Tiles

While browsing the floor at Dwell on Design I had to stop in my tracks as I noticed this brightly colored rug.
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A Great Idea

Designing for Kids: 5 Rooms That Put the Fun in Functional

For a youthful perspective on design's playful potential, look no farther than this slideshow. These five rooms put the fun back in functional.
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How To

Steelwood Chair: Perimeters

The next tool makes a perpendicular fold around the sheet’s perimeter, which allows the hard edges to be folded away from the smooth backrest. Parts of this fold will become armrests.


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Gimme Shelter

Earlier this month, the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education opened their Gimme Shelter exhibition, featuring six temporary woodland shelters that offer places of rest and respite to the…


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Video: Emerging Designer: Jason Miller

The first subject in our emerging designers series, Jason Miller draws on threadbare bits of Americana, serving up something entirely new with a sly, subversive spin.