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A Great Idea

Convertible Home Bar Transforms Tiny Apartment

Architect Michael Chen of New York firm Normal Projects masterminds the ultimate bar for a compact Chelsea apartment.



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Three Buildings

Architect Barbara Bestor

The latest in our Three Buildings series is an architect we've admired for some time: Barbara Bestor.
Mohawk Portrait
Dwell on Design

Mohawk General Store Picks

As the first of the Dwell edit crew down in Los Angeles for Dwell on Design, I've had a chance to cruise around a bit soaking up all the good Angeleno design vibes.
gutgut wall
A Great Idea

Playful Designs for a Creative Home

Finding a balance between functionality and playfulness can be a challenge, but these innovative ideas can help create a home that is inspiring for children and adults alike.
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Dwell on Design

L.A. Magazine Sunday

On Sunday, June 26th, we're partnering with our pals at Los Angeles Magazine to get the inside scoop on the latest in L.A.'s design and culinary culture.
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Design 101

Cabin Envy

I’m tired of hearing about the golden age 
of flight, that era when air hostesses (never hosts) wore Pucci uniforms, Pan Am logos adorned everything from complimentary socks to midtown…
fox theater detroit

Design Icon: C. Howard Crane

Without any architecture training, Crane built some of the most decadent theaters of the country.
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How To

Dwell Home Venice: Part 4

In this series, Sebastian Mariscal designs a home in Venice, California, that brings the outside in. We track the project from start to finish with future resident Michael Sylvester.
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Dwell on Design

Norway Represents at 2013 Dwell on Design

Insidenorway brings an array of top-notch Norwegian design the LA Convention Center for Dwell on Design. Plus, win a blanket from Mandal Veveri or Røros Tweed!



into the fold yliving

Into the Fold

Senior Editor Aaron Britt hits the streets of San Francisco with a colorful array of Flux chairs—foldable, origami-style perches created by Dutch designer Douwe Jacobs. Directed by Nathan Cozzolino.