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The floating 3.5 inch diameter OM/One speaker.
Product Reviews

Wireless Speaker That Levitates

In a marketplace crowded with wireless speakers, the Om/One has a design edge that makes it stand out.




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Designer Spotlight: The Bouroullec Brothers

We share our favorite designs from Paris-based Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

yates samuel portrait

The Color of Palo Alto

Sam Yates will paint the town Palo Alto, once he figures out what color that is.

building codes 101 andy rementer sprinkler
Design 101

Words You Should Know: Building Codes

Arm yourself with the vocabulary needed to navigate the world of building codes.

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Dwell on Design

Scandinavian Design by Volvo at Dwell on Design NY

At Dwell on Design NY, Volvo celebrated the Scandinavian design tradition with a booth dedicated to the region's expertise.

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How To

Dwell Home Venice: Part 5

In this series, Sebastian Mariscal designs a home in Venice, California, that brings the outside in. We track the project from start to finish with future resident Michael Sylvester.

the palette of concrete floors and light wood against white walls in a living room in Germany
Design 101

How To: Indoor Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring is cheap, durable, and not as cold as its reputation suggests—these eight homeowners show how to get the look.

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A Great Idea

Smart Storage Solutions for the Modern Home

Here are nine residences from the Dwell archives that apply the philosophy of "less is more" by stealthily hiding unnecessary clutter and creating smart storage solutions for various rooms in the…

travel orange easyhotel room interior
Design 101

Putting the Motel in Hotels

When design hotels first appeared in the ’80s, with their stylish bars, big-name designers, and excessive tariffs, many of us could have been forgiven for thinking that they were merely places…



The Future of Play

For an article on the future of playground design, appearing in the December/January 2009 "Future" issue, artists Mike Perry and Jim Stoten not onl