Design Ideas

A Great Idea

Convertible Home Bar Transforms Tiny Apartment

Architect Michael Chen of New York firm Normal Projects masterminds the ultimate bar for a compact Chelsea apartment.



thackray laura nice mod  portrait

She's No Dummy

As Volvo crash-test engineer Laura Thackray knows, dummies—even virtual ones—can teach us a thing or two about safety.
dyrdek rob portrait

Not Just Skating By

For years, professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek has ranted about wanting to build a skate plaza: a skate park integrated into the urban environment as a landscaped, multi-use public space.
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Design 101

101 Airports

Modern air travel is about far more than merely making it from point A to point B.
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A Great Idea

Designing with Plywood in the Modern Home

Without compromising design-forward thinking these seven beautiful residences made use of the economical material to carve out a place to call home.
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Emerging Designers

Video: Emerging Designer: Louise Campbell

The Danish designer Louise Campbell has animated Royal Copenhagen and other traditional brands with a playful, experimental spirit.
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Design 101

An Introduction to Product Design

Last night I went to a corner liquor store to buy some toothpaste. While the beer and candy aisles of the store were heavily trafficked, the back “household goods” section was not.
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Dwell on Design

The Architecture of Reassurance

Though I’m moderating loads of panels at this year’s Dwell on Design, and anticipating them all quite hotly, one that stands out in my mind is our Sunday afternoon screening of filmmaker…
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Dwell on Design

10 x 10: Dwell & Arkitip Artist Series

Here at Dwell we've always acknowledged the power of great art, whether it's adorning the walls of a modern house, or gracing the pages of our magazine.


modern light-filled interior with white walls and built-in bookshelf

7 Luminous Modern Interiors

Bright and light-filled, these seven homes ranging from a Los Angeles renovation to a spa-like bathroom in upstate New York are a breath of fresh air.


dedon coming home bruce weber 1x1

Coming Home

Famed photographer Bruce Weber branches out into the world of video with this fun-filled romp for Dedon's new outdoor collection.