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November 15, 2013
It’s not just for stuffy tweeds; herringbone patterns have a distinct place in modern design. See how in these 8 houses, from Paris to Tokyo.
sunia wood clad

Jerome and Jamie Pelayo's house in Echo Park, just northwest of downtown L.A., is clad in a striking wooden herringbone pattern. 

Originally appeared in Innovative Wooden Homes
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Modern dining room with wooden herringbone patterned ceiling

In the kitchen of a home by architect Michael O’Sullivan in Auckland, New Zealand, the showstopping ceiling’s herringbone pattern is echoed by the terra-cotta tiles on the floor. Photo by Emily Andrews. 

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Originally appeared in Inside Addition
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Knoll sofa and Falcon chairs by Sigurd Resell

Against a herringbone floor, a Knoll sofa is bracketed by two leather-and-wood Falcon chairs by Sigurd Resell in interior designer and avid furniture collector Kathryn Tyler's house in southwest England. Photo by Andrew Meredith. 

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Andrew Meredith 2007
Originally appeared in English Designer's Live/Work Home
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oak boards in tiny tokyo home

A distinctive herringbone wooden pattern lines the walls, floors, and ceilings of this compact home in Japan by Mount Fuji Architects Studio. The interior surface is covered with oak boards hammered one-by-one into a honey-colored herringbone pattern.

Originally appeared in Compact Wooden Home in Japan
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wenes residence living-room fireplace

Both a gallery and a residence, an Antwerp home redefines the boundaries between public and private, art and interior design. In the living room, against a herringbone brick floor, a leather chair by Maarten Van Severen joins a lamp by his son, Hannes Van Severen, of design duo Muller Van Severen.Photo by Tim Van de Velde. 

Originally appeared in Interior Inspiration: Jewel Tones
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Modern home office with glass table and wooden chair

A flat renovated by a pair of fashion insiders breathes new life into architect Moshe Safdie's iconic Habitat '67 building. They restored small alcoves to rooms including the office (shown here) and living room and worked carefully with the existing windows. They also hunted down a craftsman, Marc Ablasou, to install oak floors in a herringbone pattern—a touch that subtly complicates Safdie’s aesthetic. Photo by Alexi Hobbs.

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Originally appeared in A Renovated Flat in Moshe Safdie's Habitat '67
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Teak framed sofa by Illum Wikkelsø

In a Neoclassical gallery and home in Belgium, a 1959 teak-framed sofa by Illum Wikkelsø for the Danish furniture company Søren Willadsen sits pretty against a herringbone wood floor. Photo by Chris Tubbs. 

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Originally appeared in A Neoclassical Gallery Home in Belgium
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Another view of her studio.

At designer Inga Sempé's atelier in Paris, her papers, books, models, drawings, and prototypes in a corner room are juxtaposed against the apartment's original herringbone floor.

Originally appeared in Designing the Ruche Sofa
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sunia wood clad

Jerome and Jamie Pelayo's house in Echo Park, just northwest of downtown L.A., is clad in a striking wooden herringbone pattern. 

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