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Structural Panels

Bees have always been admired for their industrious nature and intricate honeycomb architecture; Charles Darwin called the honeycomb “absolutely perfect” as a feat of engineering, symmetry, and careful use of space.
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The structural material created by Panelite duplicates this shape, using a polymer or aluminum core within fiberglass-reinforced casings.

The panels are lightweight enough (a tenth 
of the weight of plate glass) for any applica-
tion, including exterior or interior walls, fur-
nishings, and surfaces, yet their high tensile 
strength makes them heavyweights in hold-
ing their own for construction. All this would 
be for naught if the material was opaque, 
so the panels are transparent and glow softly or with vigor, depending on surrounding light sources. And unlike the habitats of honeybees, which are always a luminous yellow, Panelite offers a variety of standard colors ranging from subtle light blue to flaming red, and can custom-match a hue to any Pantone chip of your choosing.

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