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The distinction between professional 
and personal life has blurred.
Skylab North Project illustration sketch
Jeff Kovel likes to integrate nature into his office interiors. The sketches for Skylab's North project outline a design similar to workspaces built for polar explorers.

We have moved from the business-only cubicle 
to a model more reflective of the home—-a metaphor that supports both the amount of time creative professionals spend at the workplace and the alternative social interactions that now qualify as work, such as cooking, eating, lounging, and gaming.

The North office is inspired by a polar research station. We see it as a cultural research station: a collection of modular furniture and equipment that can be reorganized to support collaboration and creativity, and host events. The goal is to break the static office environment and elevate satisfaction.

We found a plastic laminate the color of a Post-It note, a universal tool for quick creative thought and communication. We thought, why not make a whole environment out of this color? The effect is like a color signal indicating the intended work atmosphere.

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    101 Office

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