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Open Sesame

Architect Justin Korhammer kept the hallway of this Manhattan bachelor pad free and clear with a kitchen that folds away with the precision of a Swiss Army Knife.

A flipper door folds up and out of the way to reveal a microwave for late-night leftovers.

A three-foot drawer with a Corian surface for chopping slides away into the kitchen and ductwork beyond.

Bifold doors expose the center-stage workings of the kitchen—the sink, shelves, and prep area. The doors are installed so that they fold in, not out, thereby leaving the hallway unobstructed.

To keep the kitchen shallow, the cooktop is limited to two burners and the shelves are a trim eight inches deep.

A down-market dishwasher and a refrigerator hauled from McGrath’s previous apartment are disguised behind custom panels of stainless steel.

By leaving a 14-inch gap to the ceiling, the kitchen stands as a piece of furniture, a stainless steel armoire with movable parts.

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