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Color 101: Brand New Color

The fact that your car is tinted a subtle silver or that 
your running shoes have vibrant orange stripes flaring up their sides is hardly a design afterthought.

Shown here is the idea book that Beatrice Santiccioli created for Gilbert Paper. Each spread shows the final color palette and the inspirations behind those colors—all personal objects culled from Santiccioli’s home.

Indeed, the shades of products are considered every bit as carefully as their shapes. Color designer and graphic artist Beatrice Santiccioli, a renowned expert in her field, whose client list includes Swatch, Herman Miller, Biomega, Gilbert Paper, and Nike, talks about what it means to be professionally awash in hues.

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    101 Color

    Dwell explores the variegated use of color in our world, from industry to emotion.

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