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101 Landscape Architecture

A brief history of landscape architecture, from Birnbaum to Walter to Coen.

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Working with architect Vincent James in the late 1990s, Coen and Partners were charged with integrating the 8,000-square-foot Type Variant House outside of Minneapolis into the ever-changing, lush wooded surroundings.

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    The Ungreening of America

    We asked Charles Birnbaum to point us to five unique landscapes that we can still take a peek at. He explains: “I’ve chosen places that are either at risk or lesser known. They don’t resemble anything you’ve ever seen, and once viewed they’re unlikely to be forgotten.”

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    The People's Park

    An amorphous profession, landscape architecture embraces everything from civic plazas, highways, and landfill reclamations to the front lawn. Here we profile two practitioners, Walter Hood and Shane Coen, who shape the space in which we play in very different ways. Based in Oakland, California, Hood is at home in the public realm, while in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Coen is one of a growing number of landscape architects who are involved with what surrounds a house before it’s even built.

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    Yard Works

    “Mother Nature is too powerful to try and mimic,” says Shane Coen, whose firm is known for its minimalist approach to the residential landscape. is your online home in the modern world. Join us as we follow our team around the globe on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Want more? Never miss another word of Dwell with our free iTunes app.