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101 Design-Build

Demystifying design-build: Where does design stop and building begin? Plus, tools of the trade.

101 design build

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    Design, Build, and Beyond

    An increasing number of contributors to our ever-expanding built world are referring to their practices as design-build. That means that the same minds and hands do both the designing and the building. Design-build offers a customized product that’s designed continuously until it’s completed. But there are different approaches to design-build, as a look at several New York City firms attests.

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    Design-Build Explained

    How does design-build affect the project? the process? the client? Here, the principals of five thriving design-build firms weigh in

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    Tools of the Trade

    Design-build practices invest considerable time in setting up shop and tremendous capital in tools. Three basic categories of shop work dominate almost every project: cutting, assembly, and finishing. The following items are especially useful.

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