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Oral B SmartSeries Toothbrush app with summary.
Shaw Island Prefab Passive House exterior.
Shaw Island Prefab Passive House garbage and recycling area.
Shaw Island Prefab Passive House office with red chair.
Shaw Island Prefab Passive House workout area.
Shaw Island Prefab Passive House bedroom with sliding door.
Dyson handheld vacuum top view.
Dyson handheld vacuum demonstrated use.
Dyson handheld DC59 vacuum.
Dyson handheld vacuum motorhead.
Oral B SmartSeries Toothbrush side view.
TapPainter app with color swatches.
Jake Dyson Ariel hanging light view from side.
Jake Dyson Ariel light in silver.
Nosiboo nasal aspirator used by boy and mom.
Nosiboo babycare nasal aspirator adjustment knob on top.
Mitsubishi supercooling refrigerator in beige.
Mitsubishi supercooling refrigerator in red.
Smart home utility products
Battery tender
Robotic gutter cleaner in black and yellow
Chargeable battery pack cube in black, silver, and green
Orange and black power cord storage sphere
Plug-in car music player with wi-fi update
Adjustable hose with storage system
Black device car with diagnostics smartphone app
Folding digital scale in green
Silver wine dispenser
Silver refrigerator with touch screen and SodaStream dispenser
White planter with automatic water dispenser
Silver microwave with touch screen