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A beauty parlor by Crosby Studios
An office Crosby Studios designed for NGRS in Moscow
Objects by Kristina Krogh
 The lemon tree stretches across a fence of clear, or knot-free, red cedar
A water wall in a San Francisco home
A custom stainless-steel slide attached to a guest cottage
A pebble mosaic and artificial turf divide the yard of a San Francisco home
A backyard features a chalkboard paint wall
Floating sauna in seattle waterfront by GOcStudio
A contemporary home in Queenstown, New Zealand.
The penthouse of the Carlton House Terrace in London.
A modern mountain residence in Woodland Hills, Utah.
A residence designed by David Jameson in Bethesda, Maryland.
A six-bedroom, five-bath villa in Brussels.
A home designed by John Pawson in the private residential estate of Les Parcs de Saint Tropez.
Installation at an advertising agency
Treehouse at Camp Wandewega
Office at an advertisement agency.
Office at an advertisement agency.
Trailer at Camp Wandawega
Custom vanity with an Alape sink
Herringbone oak flooring in a Berlin apartment
Custom cabinet above a marble fireplace
Fireplace with a marble bench in Berlin
Berlin kitchen with walnut cabinets and a custom island
Painting Hole by Naomi Clark from the exhibition SkymallxDesign
Chiaozza Paper Paperweights from the exhibition NYCxSkymall
Alexander Heffesse Construction Site scented candle from the exhibition NYCxSkymall
Wyatt Little Beach Stuff ceramics from the exhibition NYCxSkymall
Yield Design Leather Umbrella Hat from the exhibition NYCxSkymall
Gil Sunshine Karnak Glazed Cups from the exhibition NYCxSkymall
The four layers of Luxi's mattress.