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Kathleen Walsh Reviews 4 Chaise Longue

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The Look of Longue

If you chase long afternoons lolling by the pool, with longer evenings of the same, there is only one piece of furniture on your mind. Ours too.

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Americans have long butchered foreign tongues, and no language has gotten it in the neck quite so badly as French. Though our Canadian neighbors parlez-vous from time to time, it hasn’t mattered one whit. Be it the over-Frenchification of certain Yanks who store their mem-whaws in their arm-whaws to the over-Americanizing of that fine school in South Bend, Noter Daym, we chew up and spit out la belle langue like an oversalted plate of freedom frites. And little sounds tinnier to a furniture aficionado than a Midwestern drawl or a clipped New Englander’s patter wrapping itself around the undisputed don of outdoor relaxation: the Chaze Lounge. Long gone is the lingual longue of the French chaise longue (literally “long chair”) in favor of a pronunciation as lazy as the lounger.

In the language dodge this is called an “eggcorn” (after a commonly misheard variant on “acorn”), an incorrect or bowdlerized term of art that sticks around because, well, it kind of makes sense—–after all, what ought one do on a chaise longue but lounge? And, thus, an American seating classic, as well as a fraught debate among hidebound grammarians, clucking Frenchmen, and serious poolside revelers was born. The identity crisis continues, but one thing is clear:

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Love the new issue especially since my family first settled Tasmania in the 1800's. Maynards work is fresh. Tried to get to the products/gear page on your site and it doesn't exist. Would love to send gear to my aussie friends but??? Thanks and keep it up.

I loved the patio design, especially the way the plants are hung on the pipe. Does anyone know what type of plants those are hanging in the baskets on the pipe??

Interesting that in the domain of the Chaise Longue these items were reviewed, I would agree Maynards work is fresh.
Now I'm trying to be un-biased (which is tough) but I think a look at non-contemporary Chaise Longues might be worth a look for the outdoor lounging concepts. Naturally with items that are non-traditional evoking iconic forms and styles.......

Anyways just a thought.

P.S. Of course our Amphibious Lounger by SLACK works well both by the pool, IN the pool and in the garden or on the beach too....!