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January 1, 2009
Originally published in Prefab Now
Wood has been used for centuries to submerge bathing beauties, but most people still think of it only for cabinets, furniture, and floors. A new outpouring of innovative wood-based design, from teak toilet seats to bamboo towels, should help replant wood back in the bathroom.


AERI sink in birch wood by Whitehause Collection.
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Bamboo and cotton towels by Vipp.
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Hinoki wood bath mat by Viva Terra
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Toilet seat in teak by William Garvey.
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Woodline bathtub in plywood by Benedini Associati for Agape.

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bathrooms aeri sink in birch wood whitehaus collection
AERI sink in birch wood by Whitehause Collection.
bathrooms ltt illuminated bathtub jan puylaert generate

101 Bathrooms

Contemplating the proverbial "throne" the world over, Virginia Gardiner wonders why modernism hasn't caught on the to the john. Also bathroom swag on parade.

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