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101 Bathrooms

Contemplating the proverbial "throne" the world over, Virginia Gardiner wonders why modernism hasn't caught on the to the john. Also bathroom swag on parade.

LTT Illuminated bathtub by Jan Puylaert for Generate.
LTT Illuminated bathtub by Jan Puylaert for Generate.

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    101 Bathrooms: Cultural Commod(e)ity

    In 1937, as the modern movement in Europe 
faced the stifling rise of fascism, the leftist French 
Union des Artistes Modernes hosted a pavilion at the Paris World’s Fair that presented, among other things, 
an avant-garde toilet.

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    101 Bathrooms: Glass

    No longer stuck in the ’50s pink- or yellow-tiled rut, today bath fixtures come in a wide variety of materials. For those who enjoy visibility (and Windex), glass is a clear choice.

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    101 Bathrooms: Wood

    Wood has been used for centuries to submerge bathing beauties, but most people still think of it only for cabinets, furniture, and floors. A new outpouring of innovative wood-based design, from teak toilet seats to bamboo towels, should help replant wood back in the bathroom.

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    101 Bathrooms: Ceramic

    Long considered to be the standard bathroom material, ceramic is no longer boring. New shapes and colors help redefine what was once only basic bisque or beige.

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    101 Bathrooms: Plastic

    The same qualities that make plastic so prized by designers—malleability, translucency, vibrancy—also make for one-of-a-kind pieces to place in your bathroom

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    101 Bathrooms: Metal

    An easy conduit for hot and cold water alike, metal assumes a multiplicity of contemporary shapes, from globular showerheads to rectilinear radiators.

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