February 11, 2009

With rising energy costs and Winter weather still periodically sweeping across the country, it might be a good time to consider a wood burning stove. For those of you who abhor the thought of a log cabin style vintage burner and have yet to purchase the highly-objectionable faux-fireplaces advertised on late night television, we'd like to propose some design-friendly alternatives: The Morsø 7600 series.

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Designed by Danish artist Monica Ritterband, these understated, non-catalytic clean-burning stoves are made from 98% recycled materials and meet the strict environmental requirements set by the Nordic Swan Eco-label. Under this label, which not only sets low-emission standards but also requires products under its banner to meet high fuel efficiency low-impact production standards, Morsø believes that their products "have the smallest environmental 'footprint' currently possible." And they're not bad to look at either. With contemporary cylindrical styling, flexible mounting options, and the largest glass viewing area of any Morsø Stove, the 7600 series won't be out of place next to a your Eames lounge chair .

Ritterband has also designed a line of playful accessories to help you get a little more use from your stove. Her "FEET" line—named for the ambiguous animal feet stamped into the products—includes a recycled cast-iron kettle and trivet so you can warm yourself with a cup of tea while the conductive cast iron stove heats up to 1200 sq ft of your comfortably modern home.

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