Announcing the Material Change Finalists

We were blown away by the caliber of the 120 textile designs received in the Material Change design competition. Partnering with Lulan, we challenged readers to submit an original modern textile design idea using traditional weaving techniques and construction methods as inspiration. Below are the seven finalists. Check back in on October 9 to find out whose design will be put into production by Lulan.

Material Change Textile Design Competition

A New Take on Chevron

Textile Design by Sarita Loredo
Design by Sarita Loredo

Basket Weave

Textile Design by Yoko Ishibashi
Design by Yoko Ishibashi

Brocade Lattice

Textile Design by Molly Fitzpatrick
Design by Molly Fitzpatrick

Empowering Indigenous Artisans Through Design - Native Trade 4

Textile Design by Cole Barnett
Design by Cole Barnett


Textile Design by Sarah Parys
Design by Sarah Parys

Sympa 3

Textile Design by Evan Polenghi
Design by Evan Polenghi

Tribal Triangle

Tribal Triangle textile design by Kemi Amin
Design by Kemi Amin

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