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February 22, 2009
Originally published in The New American Home

You—yes, YOU—can buy (or sell) your own home. Here's how.

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All the Home's a Stage

Whether you’re selling a hillside Neutra or a modest carpeted condo, home staging has become the norm in today’s uber-competitive real estate market.
home buying selling 101 for sale


You’ve heard it thousands of times on TV, the radio, and in junk mail—spurious ads delivered with forehead-vein-popping enthusiasm by robot-faced dudes in shoddy suits. Bad credit?
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“It is really different from anything else,” explains David Burcher, who bought a co-op apartment in Manhattan with his partner, Greg Broan, almost a decade ago.
home buying selling 101 exterior home

Probate Sale

When the owner of a home dies without a will or trust to allocate their estate, the property goes into probate.
home buying selling 101 for sale people


The popular myth is that foreclosures can provoke ire in sellers and bad karma for buyers, but this is rarely the case.
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Click Appeal

House hunting isn’t just about roving the streets and stopping at For Sale signs anymore; instead, prospective buyers will spend hours trawling the Internet to find their future home.

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