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June 27, 2012

You may have already spied our show floor recaps of Modern Lifestyle, Furniture and Accessories, Kitchen and Bath, and perennial favorite Dwell Outdoor, but here we share our greatest hits from Dwell on Design 2012. From June 22–24, over 27,000 people took to the L.A. Convention center in droves to see the scores of exhibitors, test out the latest furniture and gadgets, listen in on talks by design and thought leaders, and view live demonstrations (and that's not counting the 3,000 people who participated in Dwell Design Week events, like our home tours and showroom talks). Click through our slideshow for a snippet of Dwell on Design 2012.


Aerial view of Dwell on Design Convention 2012

Over 27,000 people attended Dwell on Design, June 22-24, 2012, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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Materials at Dwell on Design 2012

At the Dwell Materials Lab, show goers had the opportunity to touch, feel, and learn about common—and not so common—construction materials.

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Materials at Dwell on Design 2012

More from the Materials Lab.

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Swiss Design at Dwell on Design 2012

The winners of the 2011 Swiss Design Prize were shown in the U.S. for the first time at Dwell on Design. A pair of knitted vessels by Senior Design Factory caught the eye of these passersby.

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Swiss Design Prize Winner Peter Williams at Dwell on Design 2012

More from the Swiss Design Prize booth.

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Screenplay at Dwell on Design 2012

Two people take a break on Oyler Wu's screenplay installation.

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Bespoke furniture at Dwell on Design 2012

Bright colors dominated the show floor, like the hues seen in these chairs from Bespoke Creative.

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These sculptural ceramics by Brian Bosworth were another favorite. He builds the clay bodies by hand or with Styrofoam molds.

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Ceramics at Dwell on Design 2012

More ceramics spotted on the show floor.

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Bryan Cranston and Peter Williams at Dwell on Design 2012

Panel discussions took place on the three stages flanking the show floor. Here, actor Bryan Cranston talks to Dwell Editor-in-Chief Amanda Dameron talk about his new green home.

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Cameron Sinclair at Dwell on Design 2012

Architecture for Humanity's Cameron Sinclair signs copies of his book after his keynote address.

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Women in Design Panel at Dwell on Design 2012

Senior Editor Kelsey Keith moderates a panel on women and architecture, which sparked a lively discourse with members of the audience.

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Cerno at Dwell on Design 2012

Laguna Beach–based Cerno demonstrates their wall sconce/reading lamp combo.

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Ciel at Dwell on Design 2012

The ever-popular Murphy bed gets a mod update in the Cabrio Wall Bed by CLEI distributed by Resource Furniture .

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Outdoor section of Dwell on Design 2012

Dwell Outdoor was bigger and better than ever this year with full-scale homes accessories galore.

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Connect:Home debuted its new prefab model on the show floor. Architects Jared Levy and Gordon Stott, two Marmol Radziner alums, say the house runs a cool $145 per square foot as delivered, $165 installed.

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GPod at Dwell on Design 2012

Two show goers recline in a G Pod by Mars Labs.

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Behind the scenes at Dwell on Design 2012

A scene from Dwell Outdoor.

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Lego house at Dwell on Design 2012

One of the finalists from our LEGO contest.

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Local outdoor manufacturer Potted debuted its steel City planter at Dwell on Design. The pots in the foreground were manufactured by another local company, Gainey, for Potted.

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Thought leader Mitchell Joachim chats with Dwell EIC Amanda Dameron about radical sustainability. Click here to read snippets from the conversation.

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Mitchell Joachim at Dwell on Design 2012

Mitchell Joachim was featured in our May 2012 issue. Read the full story here.

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Kids playing at Dwell on Design 2012

No, this isn't day care—it's the Modern Family zone on the show floor in which families tested out the latest play houses and jungle gyms for the youngest of modernists.

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Kids zone at Dwell on Design 2012

More from Modern Family.

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Micro-exhibit Quench featured work by designers hailing from Queensland, Australia.

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Quench Coffee at Dwell on Design 2012

Björn Rust's Pour Over churned out cup after cup of coffee at the Quench booth.

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Robot at Dwell on Design 2012

The roving robot from Whiteyboard, a maker of paint you can draw on with whiteboard pens—a less dusty option to chalkboard-paint walls.

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Vivi Works at Dwell on Design 2012

VividWorks debuted the U.S. version of their virtual design tool at Dwell on Design.

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A+R Store at Dwell on Design 2012

L.A.'s A+R was among the many cash-and-carry exhibitors at the show.

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Remodelista booth at Dwell on Design 2012

Remodelista also had a pop-up shop on the show floor.

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This shot of Half 13's colorful outdoor furniture closes our round up of Dwell on Design 2012, but there's plenty more to read on dwell.com!For our Dwell Outdoor highlights, click here.For Furniture and Accessories, click here.For Kitchen and Bath, click here.For Modern Lifestyle, click here.For the 2012 Dwell on Design Award winners, click here.

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Aerial view of Dwell on Design Convention 2012

Over 27,000 people attended Dwell on Design, June 22-24, 2012, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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